The Reise Family

Leo C. and Geraldine Reise believed in the value of sharing with charities and individuals over their 90+ year lifetime.  They were born in the early 20’s and persevered through hardship and humbling times. 

Leo served in the war, played in the NHL in the 40’s and 50’s for the Chicago Black Hawks, Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers, was a successful Ontario businessman and finally attained his dream of achieving a degree(s) in his adult life. 

Geraldine was the unwavering wife and mother… she was the eldest daughter of parents who fostered in excess of 400 children in Brantford, Ontario.  She knew the value of caring and sharing. 

Married for 72 years, Leo and Geraldine believed in the value of a penny, knew that education was paramount, participated in health research studies, supported arts programs and was actively involved in sports and promoted an active lifestyle to one and all.  The second and third generation of the Reise family is honored to give back and support the causes that are meaningful to their parents. 



"Since, 1980 we have donated a sum of money each year to McMaster University , which is known as "The Reise Family Bursary" and since that time it has helped 28 students in some way with the cost of their education." 

~ Geraldine Reise (2016)

Board of Directors

Leo G. Reise - Mount Hope, Ontario

Charles Reise - Cambridge, Ontario

Norman Reise - Calgary, Alberta

Julie Reise - Calendonia, Ontario

Jonathon Reise - Burlington, Ontario

Dawn Reise-Ward - Harbour Island, Bahamas

44 Bocce Drive
Mount Hope, ON, Canada
L0R 1W0


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